Pheromones System 2015


Look, there is no “step by step” pheromone system. Anyone that tells you that there is one way to escalate with girls is lying through their teeth. But, there are a few principles to follow which will allow you to smoothly take things to a sexual pheromones level with the girls you want. Learn more about pheromones at and
Principle #1: Always Escalate On A High Note I will always remember I thought I had this girl… This attractive brunette had just completely opened up to me… she told me about her family… and a tragic story about how her dad died when she was young. I felt like we had really connected, and I was there to comfort her, so I went in for the kiss… FAIL . “What the hell are you doing?” she asked I was toast, because I tried to escalate when she was feeling negative emotions. It’s far easier to go for a kiss with a girl who is feeling positive emotions. A girl who just shared a story about what she enjoys in life… a girl who you just told a funny joke to, and who is laughing… a girl who is SMILING. Check out pheromones at
The “dating process” is a fun and exciting thing for girls, and you need to associate yourself with as many human pheromones as possible. And when her happiness peaks, take things to the next level Principle #2: Start Touching Her Right Off The Bat Shake her hand. Give her a hug. Brush your hand against her shoulder as you’re making a point to her. This stuff should all happen within the first 30 seconds of you talking to her, because physical touch needs to be established early on in the conversation, so it’s not weird, when you try to do it later.
Trying to go for the kiss when you’ve never touched her is like trying cross the Sahara Desert in one night… it’s not going to happen without powerful pheromones. You have to work your way up . The sooner that you show her that touching is a “normal” part of having a conversation with you, the less resistance you’ll have later on. Principle #3: If She rejects your pheromones, But Keeps Talking To You, It Means “Not Yet”.
If you go to hold her hand, to kiss her, or whatever … and she is not receptive to the advance… it doesn’t necessarily you’re toast. Many times this is “token resistance”, and it just means she’s not comfortable with whatever you’re doing yet. If she stays and keeps talking with you, KEEP YOUR COOL. Act like nothing happened , stay with the conversation, and it won’t be weird.
The very fact that she is still there, in front of you is actually a great pheromone attraction indicator – it means that she is indeed interested on some level. She’s just not ready to go “there” yet. You might have to take it a little slower, and build a little bit deeper connection with her, and then when you’re ready to take another stab at it (usually at a high point in your interaction) then GO for it again.


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