Party Games: Breaking the Ice and Enjoying the Event


Party guests, young and old, enjoy playing games other than eating foods at party. A party is a sure hit especially if funny games are played.

Playing games at a party will help the host and the guests relax, get to know one another and make the event memorable. Team games will help strangers know each other and work together to attain a common goal, winning! Make sure that you have the appropriate party supplies wholesale and props for every game to make the activity more fun.

In choosing party games, always consider the age of the participants.

Some of the famous games are:

Dress up games




Drinking game

Musical Chair

Shoot that Ball

Treasure Hunt

Truth or Consequence

Spin the Bottle

Pass the Orange

Egg Hunt

Newspaper Game

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

There are hundreds of possible games. While planning a party, one should also consider if the venue is good for the planned game and will not encounter problems later (small dance floor; presence of stairs – dangerous to kids for the treasure and egg hunt; absence of supervising adults in case of children’s party)

Prizes will be given not only to the winners but also to the participants.


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